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Ben Tang - Photobyben 創辦人身兼Sony相機及GP Batteries 亞洲區代言人。堅持打破傳統,不斷追求創新,以構圖及創意拍攝每一張相片、說故事,創造出多張令人難忘的經典作品,是其中一個對行業影嚮深遠的攝影師之一,並於早期已打破傳統,為客人提供外國婚紗照攝影服務。Ben 曾多次奪取國際婚攝協會 WPJA 及 AGWPJA 比賽三甲獎項,於2011年獲 she.com 選為 Top 10 Hong Kong Wedding Photographer、2012年上海《今日新娘》 20大國內外優秀婚禮攝影師、2014年 forHER 香港 5 大婚禮攝影師、2013-2014年被 Wedding Magazine 選為本地10大婚禮攝影師,及 2014-2015年 ESDlife Bridal Award 新人至愛香港婚紗攝影,更曾被上海《今日婚尚》稱為全球十大頂尖華人婚禮攝影師之一。

Email: ben@photobyben.hk
Whatsapp: +852 9707 3424
Instagram: Photobyben

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    WPJA & AG|WPJA Achievement

    Q2 2013/Lit Portrait/3rd
    Q3 2012/Lit Portrait/3rd
    Q4 2011/Trash The Dress/16rd
    Q3 2011/Lit Portrait/3rd
    Q2 2011/Silhouettes and Shadows/3rd
    Q2 2008/Creative Portrait/17th
    Q1 2008/Ceremony/11th

    Q1 2014/Reception/1st
    Q1 2013/Portrait of Bride AND Groom Alone/6th
    Q4 2012/Creative Portrait/5th
    Q2 2010/Portrait of Bride AND Groom Alone/8th
    Q2 2010/Portrait of Bride AND Groom Alone/16th
    Q1 2010/Creative Portrait/20th

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    Entries in WPJA (6)


    Photobyben *WPJA Q3 2012 Contest

    已經是第三次,在Lit Portrait及類似的類別得第三了,希望下次爭取奪冠。^^



    Photobyben *WPJA Q4 2011 Contest

    於WPJA第四季比賽「Trash The Dress」類別得到了第16位。其他得獎攝影師的相片真的很出色,能得到第16位已經很開心!



    Photobyben *WPJA Q3 2011 Contest

    很開心這張相得到了WPJA第三季比賽「Lit Portrait」類別的第3rd名。

    We are so delighted that this photo had won the 3rd place from the WPJA Q2 2011 Contest.


    3rd Place - Judges Comment: Love the background which has just the right amount of detail. The couch and the couple work very well.


    Photobyben *WPJA Q2 2011 Contest

    很開心這張相得到了WPJA第二季比賽「Silhouettes and Shadows」類別的第3rd名。其實比賽差不多截止報名的時候,剛巧我們不在香港,而隨身的USB手指只有幾張相,所以最後只選了一張參賽,就是這樣,這張相成為了「The One」。:)

    We are so delighted that this photo had won the 3rd place from the WPJA Q2 2011 Contest. We were out of town when it was almost the deadline for this contest, and there were only a few photos on our portable USB stick. We've chosen only 1 photo to enter the contest and it'd became "The One". :)


    3rd Place - Judges Comment: This image demonstrates a beautiful play of shadow and light. The loving bride and groom are beautifully silhouetted against the high beams in this austere image..


    Photobyben *AG|WPJA Q2 2010 Contest

    8th Place - Judges Comment: Such beauty and passion as both lovers and environment meld together in replicating shape as though the entire scene was caught in their embrace.


    16th Place - Judges Comment: It’s not often that a photographer gets an opportunity like this with a rainbow crossing a beautiful sky, a bride in a beautiful dress, a deserted road crossing a prairie and all of it occurring during the magic light prior to sunset. Fortunately the photographer met the opportunity with the blessings of a well composed photo.


    Photobyben *AG|WPJA Q1 2010 Contest

    20th Place - Judges Comment: Graphic, simple and clean image. I think this image would be stronger if the blue in the background was punched up a bit and the dress could use a bit more detail.